2024 EIASM Academic Council meeting

EIASM is particularly pleased to organize its 2024 Academic Council in Palermo, within the Palazzo Butera, associated with the 2024 EIASM Board in-person meeting.


butera eiasm


This amazing place in Palermo was the palace of the Branciforti dynasty, princes of Butera.


The EIASM Academic Council meeting will adress in 2024 the following theme: Navigating global societal challenges in a time of polycrisis while fostering a human-centered future in Management Research and Doctoral Education.


In that perspective, the two panel discussions will focus on :

  • Management research agenda addressing Global Societal Challenges in a time of Polycrisis
  • A strategy for EIASM for the next decade(s) within Europe and beyond in the context of increasing internationalisation


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