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The 2019 EIASM Academic Council meeting, will be held on 23rd September 2019, in Prague, hosted by VŠE, University of Economics, Prague.


The annual meeting of the EIASM Academic Council provides an opportunity to bring representatives of the EIASM Member Schools and Universities to develop a shared sense of key issues of relevance to advanced studies in management.


Doctoral Education has been central to the mission of the EIASM and is still more than ever of major importance to the development of knowledge in Europe. EDEN seminars and EIASM workshops and conferences have been at the forefront in helping doctoral students and faculty to enquire at the frontiers of management research. Seminars, workshops and conferences continue to evolve and to recognize the interdisciplinary character of today’s major problems and the need for research conducted with impacts and implications in mind. Since several years, responsibility and sustainability become central for Management Education as for its various stakeholders to serving theirs missions and assuming their societal roles. But, what more and better can we do – together and differently?


This question forms the basis for the agenda for the 2019 meeting, which will focus on the Future of Responsible & Sustainable Governance and Management of Business Research and PhD Education.


Integrity and relevance for sustainability in Management research, Responsible Science with impacts for stakeholders, University Governance for Sustainability, Public Value, Responsible Innovation and the relationship between the grand challenges of our society and how Business Schools & Universities operate as well as Sustainable Research and PhD Education are among the topics the EIASM Board members would like to share with Academic Council representatives and EIASM Events Chairs, to provide an opportunity to explore and to plan specific activities to enhance the experience and impacts of Doctoral Education and Advanced Studies in Management.


The 2019 meeting has been planned on 23rd September, from 10.00 am to 17.00 pm. End of the meeting will be dedicated to the 3rd EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award, to be handed over to Prof. Peter J. Buckley, Leeds University Business School, at 3.30 pm. For that occasion, Prof. Peter J. Buckley, special guest of our Academic Council meeting, will give a speech on “Interdisciplinary research - The example of International Business”.