COVID-19 EIASM updates & actions

Submitted by jerome.chabann… on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 12:16

Updated on 17th April 2020


We, at EIASM, are very closely monitoring the Coronavirus epidemic situation in Europe, and the recent developments with regard to its global outbreak.


Europe & the whole Globe, our countries, our university systems and networks, our institutions and ourselves are going through very unusual, challenging and difficult times. The coronavirus is having significant impact on individuals and organisations and is affecting the operations of Management Education and Research across our networks.


Given WHO announcements, European and Belgian health authorities instructions, we are taking appropriate actions to ensure a safe environment for our members, our events’ chairs and faculty, our participants and staff and try to mitigate the disruption of our operations. The health of all remains our highest priority.


Please find below an update on our events:


Transition to virtual events


Postponed events


Cancelled events

  • 11th EIASM Workshop on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy Research, 26-27 March 2020, Paris, has been cancelled. The workshop is postponed to Spring 2021.
  • 14th EIASM Workshop on Accounting and Economics, 18-19 June 2020, Rotterdam, has been cancelled. The workshop is postponed to 14-15 January 2021.
  • 15th MSAR 2020 – Manufacturing & Service Accounting Research Conference, 1-3 July 2020, Pisa, has been cancelled. The workshop is postponed to June 30 to July 2 2021.


EIASM will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation and follow the recommendations of the WHO and European and national health authorities, in full coordination with the organisations and individuals involved. We will keep you informed as best we can.

Stay safe & take care.