October 2021 EIASM Webinars

EIASM Webinar Series Season #2 has started since mi-September!

In October 2021, EIASM has the pleasure to welcome 2 Webinars:


Friday October 01, at 10.30 am CEST: Prof. Vlad Vaiman, California Lutheran University, USA,

  • Webinar title: “Latest developments in Talent Management and implications for scholars and practitioners
  • Keywords: Talent Management, Fluid Workforce, Hybrid Working Arrangements, Remote Work Context
  • Short description: In his talk, Dr. Vlad Vaiman will focus on a few recent trends, including management of organizations in times of crisis, challenging political climate, rise and development of remote and hybrid work, and the emergence of fluid workforce, explore talent management (TM) challenges associated with these trends, offer theoretical and managerial implications, and introduce a few new areas for research in TM.

Friday October 15, at 10.30 am CEST: Prof. Elizabeth Rose, Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, India

  • Webinar title: “International Entrepreneurship
  • Keywords: International Business, Entrepreneurship, Globalization
  • Short description: Around the world, large numbers of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - across a wide variety of industries - are doing business across national borders, despite a myriad of challenges. Such activity is a key focus of research in the area of international entrepreneurship (IE). As a young field, IE offers up a dazzling array of interesting phenomena to study! This webinar will present an introduction to IE, and raise some of the questions that need researchers' attention, and make IE a fascinating topic