November/December 2021 EIASM Webinars

EIASM Webinar Series Season #2 has started since mi-September!

In November/December 2021, EIASM has the pleasure to welcome 3 Webinars:


  • Webinar title: "Narrative approaches to social sciences"
  • Webinar keywords: Narration, Story, Chronicle, Emplotment
  • Short description: In this presentation, Barbara Czarniawska will describe the use of narrative methodology as a research tool. Starting with a guide to how narrative methods can be applied in fieldwork, she will move to possible ways of interpreting narratives produced and/or collected in the field, and in the end suggest how one may use insights from narratology in composing scientific texts.


  • Webinar title: The Strategy of the Multinational Enterprise in the Long, Long run"
  • Webinar keywords: Multinational enterprise, Strategic planning, Globalization
  • Short description: The long run is the period of time in which all factors of production and costs are variable. In the long run, firms are able to adjust all costs, where all the factors of production are variable. In the long long run, the global system environment will be determined by technological change, evolution in demand patterns, constraints from civil society (“governance by argumentation”) and by government policies. The strategic response of MNEs to this environment is the focus of the paper. The response includes scenario planning in the face of increased VUCA, changes in organizational structure (possibly including multi-domestic operations, alliances and cartels), regionalization strategies, reconfiguration of value chains, increased attention to non-market strategies and ESG planning.


  • Webinar title: “Robotization of work? ? Answers from popular culture, media and social sciences
  • Webinar keywords: Robotization, DDD jobs, Uncanny Valley, Singularity, Collaborative Robots.
  • Short description: In this presentation, Barbara Czarniawska will examine the history of hopes and fears around work and job security inspired by automation by exploring works of popular culture such as science fiction novels and films, but also old and new media reports, ending with recent social science works.


EIASM webinar series are taking place on a bi-monthly basis, the first and third Friday of each month, at 10.30 am CEST (1h30 duration). Access and live interaction are free and exclusively reserved for doctoral students and faculty of the EIASM Academic Council members.

Webinars are recorded and made available on EIASM website. Recording of Season #1 webinars will be available soon.