5th EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award - Call for Nominations

The EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award has been established in 2015 to acknowledge individuals who have made exemplary contributions in interdisciplinary research.

EIASM believes that Interdisciplinarity is needed to ensure that theory-building, empirical research, education and institution-building in management integrate knowledge and progress in an era of increasing specialization. This is essential to further develop management as a field that is able to advance theoretically, to provide relevant knowledge for students and practitioners, and to ultimately help to deal with the grand and highly complex challenges of contemporary society.

The EIASM Interdisciplinary Leader Award is meant to honor the work of exemplary scholarship and/or institutional leadership. This may be shown in promoting specific cross-disciplinary streams of research, in developing new interdisciplinary theories or methods, in applying ideas, theories or methods from other sciences, in interdisciplinary education or pedagogical innovations, in applying interdisciplinary ideas in practice, in facilitating dialogue across disciplines or sciences, in exceptional service for academic societies or associations, or in serving as an example for others in promoting interdisciplinarity, diversity and/or pluralism across management studies.

The EIASM Board calls for nominations for this award to be made by email to EIASM’s Executive Director, Prof. Jerome Chabanne-Rive (jerome.chabanne-rive@eiasm.beby November 15, 2022. Nominations should include a letter from the main nominator together with at least two letters of support from other nominators.

An announcement will be made in the Spring 2023 followed by the hosting of a special event featuring a talk by the winner made to members of the EIASM Academic Council in Paris in April 2023. The winner will also receive € 5.000 monetary award.